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Viscaria will conduct responsible mining operations with credibility and transparency as driving forces. When the Viscaria mine resumes operations, our primary contribution will be to deliver responsibly produced copper – a key metal in society’s transition to renewable energy. We have identified key areas within sustainability that are most essential to work on, where we also have the greatest opportunity to make a difference as a company. For each focus area, there are established sustainability goals that guide the work – how it is formulated and monitored. Collected data and ongoing developments are reported in the annual sustainability report, which is included in Viscaria’s annual report.

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Future-proofed mining

Efficient water management and circular flows are important aspects of Viscaria’s efforts for future-proof mining operations. When reopening a previously operational mine, it provides an opportunity to clean waterways contaminated by past activities. Resuming operations in an existing industrial area means that Viscaria needs to utilise less untouched land. Our ambition is to extensively utilise the material extracted and optimise opportunities for reMining – that is, to recover metals from already processed ore.


Climate and energy

Viscaria will contribute to society’s transition to fossil-free energy supply and reduced global climate impact. This contribution will primarily be through the production of copper, which is a vital component in society’s transition. Another important goal in Viscaria’s operations is to build energy-efficient processes in mining production, striving to only use electricity from fossil-free sources.


Promoting biodiversity

Through ecological compensation and habitat restoration, Viscaria can reduce its impact on wildlife and nature. At the same time, it increases the chances for endangered species to survive. Already today, Viscaria collects relevant data to ensure that the habitats affected by the activities at the Viscaria mine are compensated or restored properly.

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A fair employer for everyone

Viscaria’s employees are the company’s most valuable asset. Therefore, it is important for us to provide a safe, enjoyable, and nurturing workplace for everyone. A good working environment minimises the risk of illness and injury and ensures that the company’s employees feel comfortable and have the opportunity to develop. The work environment should have an open climate, and all employees should be treated equally and with respect.


Contributing to local community development

Viscaria has a strong connection to the city of Kiruna and its history. Many of the company’s employees have grown up here, fostering a natural and close relationship with the community, schools, and businesses. When the Viscaria mine begins operations, it is estimated to create approximately 250 job opportunities, with the vision that many future employees will also reside and thrive in Kiruna. Therefore, it is important for us to contribute to this local community and its ongoing development.

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Sustainable business operations

A prerequisite for the continued development of Viscaria is to conduct economically sustainable operations. We approach the task of managing the assets of the company with humility, considering financial, environmental, and social values.

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Ethical business

Viscaria’s code of conduct is based on the principles of the UN Global Compact regarding human rights, anti-corruption, environment, as well as labor and employment conditions. This means that we work to ensure that our operations and our business partners adhere to these principles and actively strive to uphold them.

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Stakeholder dialogue and business intelligence analysis

Viscaria’s sustainability efforts are characterised by credibility, legitimacy, and relevance, which is why dialogue with our stakeholders is crucial. We engage in active dialogue with both internal and external stakeholders on key sustainability issues. Dialogue with various stakeholder groups occurs through daily operations, board meetings, investor days, participation in trade fairs, consultations, and various local community engagements. Stakeholder dialogue and environmental analysis are crucial parts of developing the company’s sustainability efforts and demonstrate how we meet expectations in a relevant and effective manner through our focus areas.