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Viscaria is keen to comply with applicable laws and live by our guidelines and values. It’s important that we can detect and act on signals of potential misconduct within the company and in our collaborations as early as possible.

We hope that it always feels natural to speak with us directly, but for those who wish to remain anonymous, it should be easy to raise concerns.

Viscaria’s external whistleblowing channel is managed by Lantero and the law firm Dahlgren & Partners. The channel is primarily for detecting serious deviations from laws and Viscaria’s code of conduct. All reports are processed, but cases deemed outside the scope of the system may be handled according to other procedures.

Anonymity when reporting

To ensure anonymity when reporting via computer, we recommend that you:

  • Use a computer outside of Viscaria’s network. Web traffic from the company’s servers may be traceable.
  • Copy and paste the link to the report into your web browser.

Incoming cases are investigated by Dahlgren & Partners. Feedback is provided to Viscaria’s CEO with suggestions for action or further handling.