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Our strategy

In Viscaria’s overarching strategy, the direction for the company’s work is formulated.

  • To develop the Viscaria deposit into a modern copper mine initially producing approximately 30,000 tons of copper, equivalent to 120,000 tons of copper concentrate per year. Production will be carried out sustainably and responsibly using the latest technology and in harmony with the company’s stakeholders, including the local community.
  • To further explore the Viscaria deposit to enhance the mine’s future economic prospects, with higher grades, longer lifespan, and thus increased future production volume.
  • To explore the Arvidsjaur area, which holds significant potential for both base and precious metals. Any potential mine opening is planned only after the Viscaria Mine has been reopened.


Renewed strategy and a different approach for a faster startup

In connection with the acquisition of the Viscaria copper mine in 2019, we took on a new direction and scaled up to become a significantly larger company. We formulated a new strategy to quickly become a modern and responsible mining company in a  through the reopening of the Viscaria mine. Concurrently, the market continues to develop favorably. Growth is expected to continue in line with increased demand from customers driving the global shift towards an electrified society.

Our strategy and approach differ from other similar projects and what is otherwise the norm at the start of a mining project. We have chosen to proactively make significant investments in preparatory infrastructure even before obtaining our environmental permits – a method aimed to  shorten the time between permit acquisition and production start. This strategy will also enable the early identification of any logistical challenges during the preparatory phase.