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Mine planning

Nearly 1 km below the surface. That’s how far the boreholes reach in the Viscaria Mine. And that’s just the beginning.


The deposit

Viscaria’s mining deposit is divided into three zones and extends 4 kilometers horizontally. Vertically, the ore bodies are mapped down to 800 meters deep. Many of the mine tunnels preserved from previous underground mining will be able to be repaired and reused if the mine is reopened. Additionally, the mine’s infrastructure will be expanded to reach all parts of the deposit. Under Viscaria’s management, mining is planned to occur both in open pits and underground.

Viscaria is what’s known as an open deposit, meaning its outer limits in vertical and horizontal directions have not yet been mapped. Therefore, exploration and surveys continue in parallel with the work to reopen the mining operation.

Viscaria’s mining zones


Viscaria aims to be a mine with minimal environmental and climate impact

Through water purification, efficient resource utilization, and modern infrastructure and mining technology, the impact from mining operations at Viscaria will be minimal.

Timeline Viscaria

From processing concession to mining operations. Here's the timeline for the reopening of the Viscaria Mine.


  • The government grants processing concession V K No. 7.


  • Environmental permit application submitted to the Land and Environment Court 30/3
  • Planning for facility construction, industrial area, and logistics
  • Construction of Viscaria Passage – a bridge over E10 facilitating access to the area.


  • Published environmental permit application
  • Land allocation obtained for the Viscaria area.
  • Correspondence between the stakeholders
  • Site inspection ahead of main hearing took place on 29th September.


  • Main hearing held in Kiruna from 30th January to 21st February.
  • Environmental permit granted with execution order in May.
  • The granted environmental permit can be appealed to The Supreme Land and Environment Court, and then to the Supreme Court.
  • Dewatering of the underground mine.
  • Preparatory work for infrastructure begins.


  • Water treatment plant and sludge disposal site are constructed.
  • Work on construction of railway yard and intermediate storage commence.
  • Construction of processing plant, sand storage, and infrastructure commences.


  • Continued construction of processing plant, sand storage, and infrastructure.
  • Potential processing of raw ore.
  • First copper concentrate from own facility.
  • Production at processing plant commences.