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Contributing to local community development

Close collaborations with local stakeholders and businesses are crucial for Viscaria’s continued development.

Pride in Kiruna

It’s important for Viscaria’s continued development that it is realised in collaboration with the city of Kiruna and its residents. Through cooperation with local businesses, the municipality, and residents, we can contribute to the ongoing development of the region. Our goal is to build pride together in contributing to Sweden’s transition to a fossil-free society. Viscaria has a strong connection to Kiruna and its history. Many of our employees have grown up here, with personal ties to the schools, businesses, and community life. This is also reflected in our decision to make Kiruna the headquarters of the company. The majority of our employees live in Kiruna and its surrounding areas. When the mine is operational, it is estimated to create around 250 direct job opportunities, and our vision is for our future employees to also reside and thrive in Kiruna.

Local collaborations

Viscaria’s strong connection to Kiruna, combined with the desire to evolve together with the community, means that the company strives for close collaboration with local actors in the city and its surroundings.

The company’s commitment to developing alongside the community also entails close partnerships with local actors. Therefore, we prioritise entering into collaborations and procurements with local suppliers and partners in the region. An example of successful collaboration and engagement is the initiative “Kiruna växer,” of which Viscaria has been an initiator and active member since 2021.

We aim to coexist with and respect the Sami community and culture in the area. Therefore, we work to find solutions that are beneficial for all parties involved. Through continuous dialogue and consultation, we can strengthen the relationship and create conditions for continued collaboration with the relevant Sami communities.