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How we report

Since 2021, we have been documenting our work from a sustainability perspective while also setting the framework for future years’ sustainability efforts. Additionally we have identified seven focus areas within the environment, social conditions, and governance.


We have identified the most significant areas for Viscaria to focus on, where we also have the greatest opportunity to make a difference as a company. For each focus area, there are established sustainability goals that guide how the work is shaped and monitored.

The goals are continuously revised as Viscaria’s operations evolve, and other types of data may become relevant. Collected data and the progress made are reported in the sustainability report in our annual report.

Collaboration with stakeholders

Viscarias sustainability work is characterised by credibility, legitimacy, and relevance, hence the importance of dialogue with our stakeholders. We engage in dialogue with representatives from both internal and external stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, the board, management team, investors, and the local community. These groups participate through surveys, interviews, and open consultations. Additionally, we maintain ongoing daily dialogue with employees, participate in trade shows, hold regular board meetings, and organise recurring investor days.