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Group management

Viscaria_porträtt_0358 Foto: Fredric Alm

Jörgen Olsson

President and CEO

President and CEO since 2023. Board member since 2020.

Born: 1961

Education and professional experience: Jörgen Olsson has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics from Luleå University. Jörgen has an extensive track record of building corporate culture, financing and profitable growth, for example, as former Chairman and CEO of Hoist Finance, which has approximately 1,700 employees. Jörgen was Executive Chairman of the Board of Copperstone 2020-2023.

Other ongoing assignments: Jörgen is a member and chairman of Kiruna Växer economic association, a board member of Deciso AB, and a deputy board member of JOHECO AB.


Warrants: 150,000 (2021/2024:2), 250,000 (2022/2025:2) and 125,000 (2023/2027:2)

Viscaria_Porträtt_0593 Foto: Fredric Alm

Anna Tyni

Deputy CEO

Deputy CEO since 2023

Education and professional experience: Anna Tyni has an education as a mechanical engineer from Luleå University of Technology, with a focus on design. She has over 20 years of experience from leading positions within LKAB in Kiruna, including as Operations Manager and responsible for the start-up of the Leveäniemi mine, Production Manager at LKAB’s beneficiation plant, and Production Manager at LKAB Berg och Betong and LKAB Minerals. Prior to joining Copperstone, Anna worked as a Market Area Manager at BDX Företagen in Kiruna. Anna was COO and then CEO of Copperstone Viscaria during 2020-2023.


Warrents: 25,000 (2021/2024:1), 50,000 (2022/2025:1) och 20,000 (2023/2027:1)

Viscaria_Porträtt_0757 foto: Fredrik Alm

Frida Keskitalo


CFO since 2023

Education and professional experience: Frida holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics from the School of Business, Economics and Statistics at Umeå University. She started her career at LKAB in Kiruna in 2005 and has since held a number of roles within LKAB, several of which have been in leading positions. She has, among other duties, worked as an accountant, responsible for the financial statements of LKAB Parent Company, and operational controller in the Sales & Logistics unit. Her most recent role was as Section Head of Operations and Maintenance at LKAB Malmtrafik AB Terminal.


Warrents: 45,000 (2022/2026) och 10,000 (2023/2027:1)

Viscaria_Porträtt_0436 Foto: Fredric Alm

Karin Lindgren

Head of Geology

Head of Geology since 2023

Education and professional experience: Karin holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Natural Resources Engineering from Luleå University of Technology. Karin has extensive experience in exploration from several roles over approximately ten years at the mining Company LKAB, most recently as Section Head of the Exploration department.


Warrents: 35,000 (2022/2026) och 20,000 (2023/2027:1)

Viscaria_Porträtt_0164 foto: Fredric Alm

Michael Mattsson

Head of Business Development

Head of Business Development since 2021

Education and professional experience: Michael holds an MSc from the Stockholm School of Economics. Michael has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), IPO, rights issues, and asset management from Enskilda Securities, Blackstone (New York), and Kaupthing. Michael was CEO of Copperstone 2018-2021 and a member of the board 2015-2023.


Warrents: 162,500 (2021/2024:1) och 19,057 (2022/2025:2)

Viscaria_Porträtt_0395 foto: Fredric Alm

Emma Mäkitaavola

Head of Project Office

Head of Project Office since 2021

Education and professional experience: Emma holds a Master of Science in Engineering from the Institute of Technology at Linköping University. Previously, she worked as a manager at Ericsson in Sweden and China, after which she moved to Norrbotten, Sweden. For the past 10 years, she has worked in the mining industry in production, as a maintenance manager for a beneficiation plant, and as a contractor in various roles and industries. Emma’s most recent position was business area manager for one of Norrbotten’s largest mechanical and welding companies.


Warrents: 25,000 (2021/2024:1), 20,000 (2022/2025:1) samt 20,000 (2023/2027:1)

Viscaria_porträtt_0081 foto: Fredric Alm

Thomas Nordmark

Head of Infrastructure and Logistics

Head of Infrastructure and Logistics since 2021

Education and professional experience: Thomas Nordmark has almost 40 years of experience in infrastructure and logistics. He has international experience from working in the US, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia in the steel and electric power industry for ABB before returning to Kiruna and LKAB where, as LKAB’s first railway specialist, he was involved in making rail transport for ore the most efficient in Europe. He has also participated in the restart of the Pajala mine as manager of the transshipment terminal in Svappavaara and the rail transports to Narvik. Thomas Nordmark holds a Master of Science in Industrial Logistics from Luleå University of Technology.


Warrents: 15,000 (2022/2025:1) och 5,000 (2023/2027:1)

COP_Porträtt_240425_0373 foto: Fredric Alm

Tove Thelin Täckdal

Head of Enrichment

Head of Enrichment since 2021

Education and professional experience: Tove Thelin Täckdal has 15 years of experience in the mining industry, of which 10 years in senior positions, such as production manager for main tenance at LKAB’s processing plant plant and as plant manager for LKAB’s two largest enrichment plants; Enrichment Plant 3 and Pellet Mill 4.


Warrents: 25,000 (2021/2024:1), 20,000 (2022/2025:1) och 10,000 (2023/2027:1)

Viscaria_Porträtt_0172 Foto: Fredric Alm

Peter Wihlborg

Head of Environment and Sustainability

Head of Environment and Sustainability since 2023

Education and professional experience: Peter Wihlborg has over 25 years of experience as an environmental researcher, environmental coordinator, and project manager at the Gulf of Bothnia Water Authority, as well as an environmental consultant specialising in permit issues. Peter has a background as an environmental scientist and holds a master’s degree in earth science from Uppsala University and a doctorate in environmental science from Linköping University. Peter has been Environmental Manager for Copperstone since 2022.


Warrents: 25,000 (2022/2025:1) och 20,000 (2023/2027:1)

Viscaria_Porträtt_0069 foto: Fredric Alm

Christopher Wikman

Head of Mine

Head of Mine since 2023

Education and professional experience: Christopher Wikman has 12 years of experience in tunnelling and mining, and has held various senior positions within LKAB Berg & Betong, most recently as Section Head for Tunnelling and Production. Prior to joining LKAB, Christopher worked for the Swedish Armed Forces.


Warrents: 5,000 (2022/2026) och 20,000 (2023/2027:1)