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In recent years, Viscaria has ramped up its exploration efforts in preparation for reopening its mine in Kiruna. Since acquiring the Viscaria mine in 2019, the company has conducted extensive exploration work, including over 100 kilometers of core drilling. They’ve also gathered additional data from ground and aerial surveys, moraine samples, and RC drilling, which collects rock fragments for analysis instead of complete drill cores.

In 2023, the focus shifted to infill drilling, aimed at deepening our understanding of the deposits, particularly in zones A, B, and D, where we’ve found promising copper sulphide mineralisation. These findings are crucial for extending the mine’s economic life.

The data from the recent drilling is meticulously analysed and used to update our geological model. We’ve adopted new standardised estimation techniques, aligning with the latest PERC standards, which will inform the upcoming update of mineral resources as part of the Feasibility Study.

Exploration efforts extend beyond the immediate mine site, with exploration wells drilled in adjacent areas, including those covered by the Viscaria No. 107 exploration permit. These endeavors, along with ongoing geophysical surveys, are expected to enrich our long-term geological strategy.

Exploration is a lengthy process, often spanning years or even decades before mine planning begins. To maintain accuracy and continuity, exploration permits for prospecting often run alongside other projects.