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Viscaria as investment


Gruvaktiebolaget Viscaria aims to create value for its stakeholders. For those who hold or are considering an investment in Viscaria, there are several factors supporting the value Viscaria contributes with.

Viscaria has a unique location

The advantages of Viscaria’s location include its proximity to transport via Malmbanan (Iron Ore Railway), access to fossil-free energy sources, and the availability of local mining expertise.

It is a unique time for Viscaria

Demand for copper is expected to increase in the coming decades primarily driven by the momentum of the green transition.

Viscaria has a clear and crucial role

Access to fossil-free energy, innovative water purification and mining operations, and a solid plan restoring and biodiversity ensure Viscaria is a leading sustainable copper producer.

Stands stable and strong

Viscaria is an organisation that consists of  industry experts with decades of experience who have been involved in the process from its inception. Additionally, the support of long-term owners for the mining plans enhances risk reduction efforts greatly.

Creates long-term value for shareholders

Rich and expanding deposits, coupled with effective plan implementation, generate value for shareholders. The mutually beneficial relationship between having ample resources and executing strategic plans effectively increases profits for stakeholders.

Viscaria is taking strides

With an environmental permit granted and land allocation announced, some of the most important milestones on the way to mine start have been achieved.