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Viscaria is a Swedish publicly traded company scaling up to become a modern and responsible mining company through the reopening of the Viscaria Mine in Kiruna. The high copper content of the deposit, assessed mineral resources, geographical location, and growing team of employees mean that Viscaria is well-positioned to deliver high-quality copper. With the help of the latest technology in mining, logistics, and water purification, we strive to become one of the world’s most sustainable copper producers. In addition to the Viscaria Mine, the company holds processing concessions and exploration permits in Arvidsjaur and Tvistbo.

History and planning

Step by step, Viscaria's organisation and logistics are being prepared for the reopening of the Viscaria Mine. The timeline outlines key milestones in the process.


  • Continued construction of processing plant, sand storage, and infrastructure.
  • Potential processing of raw ore.
  • First copper concentrate from own facility.
  • Production at processing plant commences.


  • Water treatment plant and sludge disposal site are constructed.
  • Work on construction of railway yard and intermediate storage commence.
  • Construction of processing plant, sand storage, and infrastructure commences.


  • Main hearing held in Kiruna from 30th January to 21st February.
  • Environmental permit granted with execution order in May.
  • The granted environmental permit can be appealed to The Supreme Land and Environment Court, and then to the Supreme Court.
  • Dewatering of the underground mine.
  • Preparatory work for infrastructure begins.


  • Published environmental permit application
  • Land allocation obtained for the Viscaria area.
  • Correspondence between the stakeholders
  • Site inspection ahead of main hearing took place on 29th September.


  • Environmental permit application submitted to the Land and Environment Court 30/3
  • Planning for facility construction, industrial area, and logistics
  • Construction of Viscaria Passage – a bridge over E10 facilitating access to the area.


  • The government grants processing concession V K No. 7

The operation

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Business idea and vision


Our strategy


The market