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Viscaria’s third mineral development project is the Tvistbo Mine in Smedjebacken municipality in southern Dalarna, where Viscaria holds a processing concession valid until 2037.


South of Dalarna

Exploration (paused)

Known assets:
There are estimated mineral resources of 575,000 tonnes with a grade of 3.3% zinc, 2.6% lead, and 22 grams per tonne of silver. Additionally, there are inferred mineral resources of 280,000 tons with 3% zinc, 2.5% lead, and 20 grams per ton of silver.

Zn (Zinc)

The Tvistbo Mine also has a long history of mining exploration. Mining has been conducted to varying extents in some of the older areas since the 1700s. The Tvistbo Mine was in production as early as the 1500s, with the latest mining occurring during the war years of 1942–1945. Subsequently, prospecting in the Tvistbo area has been carried out by various entities, including Rederi AB Nordstjernan (Johnson) from 1961 to 1978, AB Statsgruvor, NSG, and LKAB Prospektering AB from 1978 to 1985, focusing on iron ore and sulfide ore, primarily zinc, silver, and lead.

The Tvistbo Mine has been explored with a total of 38 core drill holes. Based on the results of these, an estimate of the mineral resources has been made by a Competent person and is considered a historical resource according to the PERC Standard 2017. Down to a depth of 180 meters, the indicated mineral resources amount to 575 kton with 3.3 percent zinc, 2.6 percent lead, and 22 grams/ton of silver.

In addition to this, there is an inferred mineral resource of 280 kton with 3 percent zinc, 2.5 percent lead, and 20 grams/ton of silver. No active prospecting has taken place at the Tvistbo Mine during 2022–2023. Viscaria’s processing concession is valid until April 17, 2037.