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Future-proof mining

Vattenrening Anders Lundkvist

Effective water management

Viscaria is working to reduce the environmental debt from previous mining activities as the Viscaria mine reopens. Using new purification technology, we aim to improve water quality and create circular flows for effective water management. The water used in the mine’s production will be reused in multiple stages to reduce resource use and optimise water utilisation.

In addition to these measures, current and future material handling will be conducted to prevent future leakage into watercourses. Viscaria is continuously conducting studies on nature and watercourses to ensure that environmental impact is minimised and that the thresholds described in the environmental permit application for Viscaria are not exceeded.

Circular flows and reMining

Viscaria’s ambition is to achieve a high degree of material use from the extracted resources and to develop processes to optimise reMining. ReMining is a method that involves recovering metals from previously mined ore without significant intervention in nature. This way, we efficiently employ existing resources and minimise our impact on the environment. By repurposing mining waste—such as waste rock and tailings—the leftover products can be reused as construction materials and managed in future reMining activities. Circular and efficient resource management is beneficial both economically and environmentally and is a crucial aspect of our efforts to reduce the overall environmental impact of our operations. Smart material handling and reuse also decrease the need for resources and the procurement of materials, which can lead to fewer transports to and from the mining area for material deliveries and shipments.