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The environmental permit for Viscaria has been appealed

Non Regulatory

As expected, the Land and Environment Court's permit for mining and water operations at the Viscaria mine has been appealed. When the deadline expired yesterday at midnight, appeals from a number of parties had been submitted, including Viscaria.

The permit was granted by the Land and Environment Court on May 6, without hindrance of legal force (verkställighetsförordnande), which means that certain time-critical work could begin, regardless of the possibility of an appeal.

"In our planning, we had accounted for the possibility of an appeal. From our perspective, it concerns conditions which we believe are not proportionate to the costs they entail. Otherwise, we believe that the conditions set by the court are both reasonable and align with the proposals we ourselves presented," said Viscaria's CEO Jörgen Olsson.

The Land and Environment Court of Appeal will now decide whether the appeals submitted will be considered.

The timeline for reopening in 2026 remains unchanged.

"We have already started the work for dewatering of the underground mine, well in line with our timeline of a restart in 2026," said Jörgen Olsson.