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Positive judgment for Copperstone in the appealed land allocation case

Non Regulatory

The Land and Environment Court at Umeå District Court has issued a judgment in the appealed case regarding land allocation in favor of the Viscaria project. The judgment essentially confirms the decision made by Bergmästaren (the Mining Inspectorate) in June 2023, when Copperstone was granted land allocation in accordance with the application.

“We are very pleased with the judgment. The court has partly amended the Mining Inspectorate’s decision in favor of Copperstone and reduced the compensation that we are required to pay to some of the affected property owners. Together with the environmental permit we obtained last week, we now have a clear path forward, and we are moving quickly to reopen the mine in 2026,” said Jörgen Olsson, CEO of Copperstone Resources AB (under name change to Gruvaktiebolaget Viscaria).

In June 2023, the Mining Inspectorate granted Copperstone Viscaria AB’s application for land allocation for the Viscaria project in favor of the mining concessions Viscaria K no. 3, Viscaria K no. 4, and Viscaria K no. 7 in Kiruna municipality. In the decision, the Mining Inspectorate allocated the land to be used for mining activities and determined the compensation to be paid to affected landowners and rights holders. The decision was appealed, and the judgment has now been issued. The judgment can be appealed until May 31, 2024. Additionally, to conduct mining activities, an environmental permit under the Environmental Code is required, which Copperstone recently obtained, and which can be appealed until May 27, 2024.