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Copperstone announces record date and timetable for the consolidation of shares


The board of directors of Copperstone has set the timetable for the consolidation of shares, resolved upon by the extraordinary general meeting on 30 November 2023.

On 30 November 2023, the extraordinary general meeting in Copperstone resolved on a consolidation of shares, whereby twenty (20) existing shares in the company are merged to one (1) new share. The board of directors has now, pursuant to the authorization granted by the general meeting, set the record date and timetable for the consolidation of shares.

Timetable for the consolidation
12 December 2023 Last day of trading with shares before the consolidation and with old ISIN-code
13 December 2023 First day of trading with consolidated shares and new ISIN-code
14 December 2023 Record date for the consolidation
15 December 2023 The consolidation is completed

Copperstone will change ISIN-code due to the consolidation. The company’s share is traded with new ISIN-code from and including 13 December 2023.

The shareholders whose shareholding on the record date is not divisible by twenty (20), will by shareholder JOHECO AB, 559208–1805, receive shares free of charge, so that their shareholding is divisible by twenty (20). The receiving of shares as aforementioned and the consolidation of shares will occur by the care of Euroclear Sweden AB without any action required from the company’s shareholders.

After the consolidation of shares, the total amount of shares in the company will amount to 90,080,342 shares, each share with a quota value of SEK 2.00.